ATTENTION: For Those That Are serious About avoiding Power Struggles and having a calm and Peaceful Holiday Season!
How To Avoid Power Struggles With Your Kids This Holiday Season, While Managing Family Expectations!

Are the battles you choose at home different than the ones you choose in front of family and friends?

 What kind of mixed messages is this sending to your child?

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What you're going to learn...
  • How to avoid certain battles with your child around family and friends so you don't trigger a melt-down.
  • ​​How to get their attention without yelling at them and making them feel embarrassed.
  • How to get them to listen to you the first time around so you don't have to sound like a broken record.
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  • Doesn't listen to me in public settings and really tests his/her boundaries
  • Has meltdowns in public if he/she does not get their way
  • Gets angry easily and will start hitting me or lashes out at me with abusive language like "I hate you".
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